power-poles-503935_960_720The communications sector has been an important area of focus for Abdelly & Associates
since the telecommunications industries began to be liberalized and privatized. Today, we have one of the largest multi-jurisdiction teams of lawyers dedicated to the communications sector.
Many of the corporate and commercial transactions in which we are involved require us to provide advice on both national and international legal, regulatory and licensing issues surrounding the provision of telecommunications services and infrastructure throughout the market.
We provide services on advising on commercial, competition and regulatory aspects of establishing business in this field , joint venture issues, supply agreements (equipment and assistance contracts, licensing and other issues related to telecommunication and IT projects, service providers, services relating to advertising,  broadcasting issues (regulatorycompliance, satellite encryption),  regulation and telecommunications practice, privacy-related issues including privacy policies, the right to transfer electronic communications, legislation and procedures related to privacy issues.
Our Law Firm handles practically every legal requirement – and providing for a particular expertise in connection with large scale projects in Tunisia and North Africa.

We are involved in and carry out Privatizations, Mergers & Acquisitions, BOO, BOT, Public Private Partnerships transactions within the framework of various key sectors of industry, especially Telecommunications & IT networks.

Credentials of the Law Firm include advising an International Company in connection with the partial privatization of 35% of TUNISIE TELECOM for a deal of more than 2.5 billion USD and bidding for a second GSM license in Tunisia with ORASCOM.